Bournemouth University (BU)

StoryPlaces experiences hosted by Bournemouth University

Experimenting with new applications, content, and gameplay for Locative Narrative.


Dr Charlie Hargood was the original technical lead for StoryPlaces and continues to experiment with how locative narrative changes how we tell stories and the potential of new technologies and form of interaction to augment the medium. The department of Creative Technology at Bournemouth University is actively exploring the technology behind interactive media and games, and this includes interactive storytelling - locative narrative forming a key part of this program of work.

The Stories

Snow White is Missing is an exploration into the therapeutic potential of locative narrative. Created in collaboration with the Aging and Dementia Research Center to story is designed for those suffering with Alzheimer's to read with a younger relative and blends Dementia educational material, with therapeutic activities within a locative narrative set in Poole Park in Bournemouth. Initial results are promising and this work and explorations in this space is ongoing.

Shelley's Heart was originally a theater piece created by Bradford G, which was later adapted into a rich media locative narrative in collaboration with the department of creative technology. As part of this work we explored the potential impact of co-presence in interactive narrative and how different readers might influence each others experience. Later the work was adapted into full video interactive locative narrative set in St Peter's Graveyard, Bournemouth (the site of Mary Shelley's Grave) and released as part of the annual Mary Shelley festival.

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